Teen’s Tearful Plea To Mom Who He Feels Abandoned Him: ‘I Would Die For A Relationship With You’

Nick, 19, says he has no relationship with his mother, Angie, and he blames it on his stepdad Jerry. The teen says that after he and Jerry got into a physical altercation when Nick was 14, his mother took Jerry’s side and he felt like he had no one to turn to.  

“I then knew that I had no mom to go to, no stepdad to go to. I was on my own at that point,” Nick says. “I want my mom to realize that she’s hurt me. I feel like I’m the black sheep of the family.” 

In the video above, Nick breaks down as tells his mother that he desperately wants to have a relationship with her.   

“You think I don’t appreciate what you do. You think I just don’t care that I’m this person that has no feelings at all for you, that just wants you to fall in a hole or that just wants you to die, and I love you more than anything, and I want a relationship with you. I would die for a relationship with you,” Nick says to his mother with tears in his eyes. “I miss my best friend, Mom. I want you back.”  

Nick continues, “I’m tired of always having to go through [Jerry] to see you. I’m tired of going through life alone. I never had you to go to. I know I don’t make it easy. I know I say stuff I shouldn’t. I’m sorry. I love you, Mom.” 

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