Teens Volunteering: New Data Shows That Young People Want Service To Be Social

What's The #1 Issue That Teens Care About Most?

A whopping 93 percent of young people say that they want to volunteer, yet only a fraction of this number actually take steps to create change. So what's stopping them?

That question was the impetus behind a recent DoSomething.org study, which was the first comprehensive national survey on young people and volunteering. The research investigates the question of how young people are taking action to create social change, and offers insights into bridging the gap between desire and action. Among the various findings, the survey showed that young people who have more active social lives are more likely to engage in volunteering activities -- which may be the answer in getting more millennials involved in the issues that matter to them.

Click through the slideshow below for eye-opening facts about how high school and college students engage in volunteering activities, and to see what issues matter the most to young people in 2012.

Where you surprised by any of the findings? Do you prefer volunteering to be social? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen.

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