Has the American Education System Failed Today's Students?

While I was sitting in my economics class we were discussing how voting works in America. The teacher asked a simple question: "How does voting work?" You could hear crickets in the background. The scariest part was that the majority of the class was going to be 18 and eligible to vote soon. So why couldn't anyone answer the question?

Here's my explanation. Since day one of school we have been taught to answer multiple choice questions and write essays. We were taught script and we were told we would always use it. Did we? No! Our education system has taught us that we should be good at taking tests and nothing more. If you ask me how to write a check or how I'm going to pay for college I couldn't even tell you where I would start. However, if you were to ask me how to solve a proof or calculate the time it took for a canon ball to fall I could show you. But what good is knowing this stuff unless it will be useful in my everyday life or career? Ten years from now, I probably won't remember what a logarithm is or how to calculate the number of significant figures.

I have mastered taking tests and that's about it. From the TerraNova, GEPA, HSPA and a million other practice tests I've skillfully learned how to rule out the wrong answer. College could care less if I know how to take tests, they want to see the whole package. How are students supposed to express themselves in the classroom if they are stressed over a test that could define where they go to school? My point being, the education system has many flaws especially now with the common core. Where do we draw the line?

Not only do teens not know how the voting system in America works, but many adults don't know either. The fact that the Constitution states how voting works and has been in place for hundreds of years, yet people still don't know how the president is elected is frightening.

You would think that people in America would know this, but the sad reality is they do not. It is clear that changes need to be made in our flawed education system.