Teen's Water Bottle Flip Brings Down The House -- And The Internet

Soak in that applause.

What do you do for an encore, kid?

Michael Senatore nailed a water bottle flip during Tuesday's talent show at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, Facebook Newswire reported.

The audience lost its freakin' mind but that's not all. Senatore's Facebook-posted stunt, while fun but not exactly of the highest order, went viral when he tweeted the clip and it was posted on YouTube and Reddit.

Senatore acknowledged his sudden Internet fame.

The video shows him strutting on stage and finally flipping the bottle on to a portable platform. The bottle lands upright (with or without extra help), prompting a huge ovation.

"Flipped a water bottle for my senior talent show today. I'd say it went well," he wrote on Facebook.

Ya, Michael, we'd say so.

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