Queer Celebs Channel Music Icons In Tegan And Sara's Latest Video

"Faint of Heart" pays tribute to Elvis, Prince, Madonna and more.

Indie pop duo Tegan and Sara are using their new video to highlight young queer personalities.  

The video for the ‘80s-inspired track, “Faint of Heart,” sees its youthful cast channeling music icons like Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Prince and Madonna. Emotions on the video’s set ran high; although they appear jubilant on camera, stars Tyler Ford, Ella Giselle, Dominic Ravina and Olabisi Kovabel filmed their segments just one day after the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida that targeted the LGBT community

“From the second we arrived, my brain recognized the music video as something we were doing together with our community to present the bravery, the talent, the love, the art, and the connection we all have, rather than just a vehicle for our music — which was a relief,” Tegan told Teen Vogue in a Thursday interview. “The video had meaning, and that felt very important in that moment of time.”

The duo, who are riding high on the success of their latest album, “Love You to Death,” said they hope audiences see the video as a plea “to be strong against a lot of hate in this world.” 

“I hope that it reminds people to not be consumed with what others might think,” Tegan said, “but instead to follow their hearts and feel empowered to express themselves freely, openly, and happily.”

So inspired and heartwarming! 



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