Tegan And Sara On Miley Cyrus: 'She's This Generation's Madonna'

Tegan and Sara may be favorites of Taylor Swift, but the Canadian duo recently voiced their love for an entirely different pop star.

The "Closer" singers are featured in this week's issue of NME, and were asked to offer up an opinion on Miley Cyrus (because no musician in 2013 can go one interview without being asked about Cyrus).

"She's this generation's Madonna," Sara Quin told the publication. "A hugely talented pop star with agency over her body and sexuality, which terrifies people."

Quin continued, complimenting Cyrus' music as well. "She's constantly switching up between sounds," she said. "'Bangerz' is part electro, part country, part rap, all incredible."

This isn't the first time Tegan and Sara have lent their support to Cyrus. In October, the duo weighed in on the feud between the 21-year-old star and Sinead O'Connor, who penned an open letter criticizing Cyrus' overt sexuality. Tegan and Sara took to Twitter, writing, "Back to being mad at/fake worried about Miley Cyrus? I'm a gay feminist prude and I'm feeling okay with her choice to work it. Lets move on."

For more from Tegan and Sara, head over to NME.



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