Tejon Ranch Is 'Holy Grail' Of California Conservation Efforts (PHOTOS)

60 miles north of Los Angeles is the Tejon Ranch. At 269,000 acres, it is the largest continuous private landholding in California.

Under threat from development, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and four other environmental groups helped organize "the largest land conservation deal in California history," according to onearth. The deal, completed in 2008, preserved about 90 percent of the ranch from development and established the Tejon Ranch Conservancy.

The ranch is "the Holy Grail of conservation in California," according to Joey Reynolds with the NRDC, as quoted by The New York Times. It is also an important habitat for the critically endangered California condor. The Tejon Ranch was founded as a Mexican land grant in 1843.

The pictures below highlight some of the natural wonders of the Tejon Ranch.

Captions courtesy of Natural Resources Defense Council.

Tejon Ranch


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