29 Baby Names Inspired By The Hottest New TV Characters

Written by Linda Rosenkrantz for Nameberry

The names of TV characters have had an influence on baby naming since the era of must-see daytime soaps and Dallas and Dynasty, and more recently we've seen the effect of the "Mad Men" midcentury matrix and individual names like Finn and Dexter and Addison and Aria and Arya taking hold.

Things are a little different now, with fewer people glued to their TV screens -- or even their tablets or phones -- to watch "appointment" television. And yet, with the new season beginning, I can’t help wondering if any of the more distinctive names of the characters on debuting shows might catch on. The one freshman period program, "Reign," offers some possibilities, as do "The Originals" -- a spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries" and the sci-fi "The Tomorrow People."

With two hunky ex-models playing characters named Killian on two different new shows, I think I’d put my money on him.

So here are the promising names on new shows, bearing in mind that some of these series might be here today and gone tomorrow -- and a lot also depends on the appeal of the character.

New TV Character Names