This Meme Proves People Have Discovered The Best Way To Troll Their Future Kids

The "gonna tell my kids" meme on Twitter has people sharing images of certain celebrities who aren't really those celebrities.

People are tweeting about the celebrities they’re going to tell their kids about, and it’s become a hilariously weird meme.

The “gonna tell my kids” or “telling my kids” meme involves a picture of a celebrity accompanied by the caption “I’m telling my kids this is [entirely different celebrity.]” The image attached to the tweet is never actually the celebrity mentioned, but often shares characteristics with that celebrity, historical figure or icon.

For example, the image below is of actor Drake Bell playing the character Kyle in a sketch from the late-’90s/early-aughts series “The Amanda Show.” 

Kyle, whose segment was aptly called “Totally Kyle,” plays guitar and has long blond hair, much like Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

The whole thing is very odd, and yet we’re cackling at our computer screens.

As always, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites uses of the meme for your viewing pleasure: