Telling the Stories of our National Forests

Our National Forests and Grasslands make up America's extended backyard -- wild places where we can escape enjoy the great outdoors. Headquartered in Missoula, Montana, or "Glacier Country," the National Forest Foundation (NFF) is surrounded by the places we work to protect. Most weekends, I take the opportunity to hike a peak in the mountains, float down the river or camp in the wilderness. I love nothing more than to be completely alone (metaphorically speaking, I usually hike with people) in the woods: hearing the sounds of water over rocks, trees whispering in the breeze and seeing untold wonders.

Working for the NFF, I have the chance to share the many reasons these places are worth protecting: hiking, horseback riding, fishing, fresh air, clean water and countless more. Through ever-changing communication methods, I use my love of the outdoors and our public lands to encourage others to think about their connection to our National Forests. Where did they catch their first fish? Where did they lose count while watching the stars come out? Where was the first moment their breath was taken away?

Caring for 193 million acres is no small job. Working closely with the U.S. Forest Service and community-based organizations, we support local efforts through our various programs and initiatives: community-based conservation, tree-planting, watershed restoration, volunteerism and more. We pride ourselves on the amount of work we accomplish through our limited but incredibly hard-working and dedicated staff. However, as with all nonprofits, we always welcome any support available.

Earlier this summer we launched our first public awareness campaign. Working with Discovery Communications we
featuring the PS22 Chorus. As we move forward in the campaign, our digital assets and social media will play a huge role in our online presence.
People remember the stories. The NFF needs more storytellers. Our National Forests are not wanting for beautiful places. Volunteers who could help us share the hidden and spectacular beauty of our National Forests through personal stories and recommendations, photos and videos would be gladly welcomed.
Every acre of our National Forests and Grasslands is ours to enjoy and protect. At the National Forest Foundation, I get to help make sure that everyone knows it.

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