Telluride Film Festival Giveaway: Win 2 Tickets By Posting #DailyTravel Photo On Instagram

Could there be a more perfect way to spend your Labor Day weekend than watching the year's upcoming films in the mountains of Telluride before they hit theaters? We think not.

The Telluride Film Festival is one of the most highly anticipated film fests anywhere, and this year The Huffington Post is pairing again with one of the sponsors, Crumpler, to give away two tickets to our followers on Instagram.

Every year, the films shown at the Telluride Film Fest are secret, but this year attendees can plan their movie watching schedule using their iPhone app.

The winner will be chosen by HuffPost Denver and Crumpler based on your creative interpretation of your #DailyTravel. Along with two tickets to this year's film festival valued at $780 each, the winner will also receive a pinnacle of horror laptop bag valued at $130.

The contest begins now! Good luck!

You must be 18 or older to enter.

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Images From The 2012 Telluride Film Festival