The Temper Trap's Live On Letterman Set: Enjoy 50-Minutes Of Soothing Australian Indie Rock (VIDEO)

The Temper Trap stopped by the famed Ed Sullivan Theater in New York on Wednesday night, performing a set that drew from 2009's Conditions and their newly released eponymous second album.

The band opened with "London's Burning," a track with obvious winks at The Clash. The crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater, where "The Late Show With David Letterman" is filmed, swayed to frontman Dougy Mandagi's smooth vocals as the set progressed to its inevitable -- and greatly anticipated -- final song, "Sweet Disposition."

Though Mandagi and his bandmates suffer a bit from the Gotye-effect (having one song that's exponentially more popular than all your others), their willingness to break into extended instrumental bits make their live show more than a mere waiting game.

The evening's setlist is available after the video. CBS Radio's "Live On Letterman" has previously brought the likes of Coldplay and Foster the People to the Ed Sullivan stage. You can listen to The Temper Trap in full on the band's website.

The Temper Trap's Live on Letterman Setlist:

London’s Burning
Need Your Love
Love Lost
Rabbit Hole
This Isn’t Happiness
Trembling Hands
Drum Song
Sweet Disposition

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