Temple Grandin Film: Beyond Rain Man

As a mother of a child with autism and as a trusted children's educator, I thank HBO for focusing on the gifts - the abilities within the challenges of autism. I commend everyone who was involved in the making of Temple Grandin and beg all to see this fabulous film. Claire Danes is riveting in her embodiment of the beloved Temple Grandin. The entire cast - exceptional; the script and direction - perfection.

I cannot help but be reminded of Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of Rain Man and must compare Claire Danes to this legendary performance. The difference, however, between Rain Man and Temple Grandin - is that today people with autism - because of the real-life Temple Grandin: who she is and what she has accomplished - are no longer sentenced to an institutionalized life. Thank you HBO for highlighting the gifts of autistics. This film will truly change the world for people like my son.

Elaine Hall
"CoachE" in Autism: The Musical
Author, Now I See the Moon (HarperStudio, HarperCollins June 2010)