Ten Amazing Places to Buy Real Estate In 2016

Ten Amazing Places to Buy Real Estate In 2016
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Location is everything in the real estate industry. With some major cities rebuilding after devastating natural disasters, those areas are now some of the most popular areas to purchase property in. Overseas locations are gaining in popularity for transplants growing businesses or transferring office locations as many brands are going global. These ten locations are among the most popular in 2016 for purchasing real estate.

Atlanta, Georgia

The real estate market is booming in Atlanta. On average, homes are searched in Atlanta neighborhoods 60-percent more than others in Georgia. Young families enjoy Atlanta's atmosphere, night life and college student priced restaurant menus. Friendly communities and multiple community events, that are family-friendly, attract newlyweds and millennials to purchase homes in this area.


Argentina is best known for the Buenos Aires region and lush vegetation in Mendoza. These are major tourist destinations and are ideal for real estate investors to expand their industry power in. The country has seen some turmoil in recent years, but the election of Mauricio Marci is expected to help Argentina make changes for the better.


Michigan has seen much financial turmoil over the past two decades. It is slowly rebuilding its economy as new businesses open up shop and new families move into residential neighborhoods. In some areas of Detroit, homes sell very cheaply as they do need some renovations. Grand Rapids is a prime location for growing families showing 3.9-percent population growth from 2011 through 2014.Michigan borders Lake Erie and is just a boat ride away from Canada.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an affordable country to purchase real estate in. The variety of home types available for sale is diverse as residents do purchase apartments rather than single-family homes quite often. There are quaint neighborhoods that resemble small-town America and urban living areas resembling major American downtown cities.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has worked hard to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Some neighborhoods still have damaged homes in them as some residents did have to leave their homes behind. Most businesses have rebuilt and many residents have returned to the city known for Mardi Gras celebrations. It has become a place to live again. Living in New Orleans is a lifestyle, not just a roof over your head.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Software and technology industry jobs have sparked the real estate market in Charlotte. Those unable to find industry-specific employment are relocating to this city for better employment opportunities. It is also within driving distance to the ocean for day trips and staycations.

Memphis, Tennessee

Homes in Memphis often sell 16 days faster than other diverse cities in Tennessee. The projected economic growth for this city has the attention of those looking to relocate across multiple age groups. Memphis is known for having great barbecue, friendly communities and a multitude of events to attend throughout the year. It is rising again, following a period of economic struggles.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is ideal for young transplants looking to live abroad and retirees wanting to relax and enjoy life. It is considered to be a "Euro-chic" city that is safe. The crime rate is rather low. Investors find this area due to the potential for greater returns on investments from upgrading and updating dated properties. Those wishing to enter into real estate investment may wish to start here in terms of turning a quick profit as updated properties in Medellin are highly desirable.

Boston, Massachusetts

The suburbs surrounding Boston are just close enough to the city for commutes to be tolerable during rush hour and far enough away to have privacy. It is a dynamic city with a seemingly never-ending history. It is in the top 10 due to the variety of attractions, events and landmarks available along with friendly residents.


Belize is a popular overseas real estate purchasing location as it is affordable and beautiful. The second largest reef, the barrier reef, is near Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is not overly developed, making it ideal for growing families. It is also a good transition for those whose first language is English, as that is the primary language spoken in the area.

Purchasing real estate is a good investment in developing areas. These locations are also ideal for those wishing to purchase residential rental properties and vacation properties for additional income. Families may want to live in a particular city but are unable to afford purchasing a home there, so renting is often the best choice in those situations. Plan your real estate purchase by location very carefully taking into consideration its proximity to attractions, entertainment, schools and major highways.