10 Must-See Painting Shows: April 2012

10 Must-See Painting Shows: April 2012
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There are dozens of notable painting exhibitions on view in the United States this month. In an art world that is overly obsessed with the next hot thing, the life of a mid-career artist can be problematic. For many artists, the gulf between emerging and established is extraordinarily difficult to navigate. As of late, however, many mid-career artists are having their day. In New York, Dan Walsh and Jacqueline Humphries, both veteran abstractionists, each have strong exhibitions of new work. Later this month in Los Angeles, a much anticipated exhibition of works on paper by Carroll Dunham is set to open at Blum and Poe.

More than twenty alumni of New American Paintings are on view this month. If you live in New York City, be sure to catch Franklin Evans' soon-to-close exhibition at Sue Scott Gallery. Evans continues to push the medium of painting in ways that blur the line between painting, sculpture and installation. In San Francisco, Kate Shepherd is currently on view at Anthony Meier Fine Arts. She has always exhibited an extraordinary sensitivity for form and space; her latest works continue this exploration with a variety of media. Also in San Francisco, be sure to check out Topography of Painting at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, which features the finely wrought paintings of Boston-area native, Bill Thompson.

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April 2012 Must See Painting Shows

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