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Ten Special Ways To Honor Mom on Mother's Day

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Sometimes we just try too hard, and that may be the case with Mother's Day.

The dilemma of how to honor mom starts weeks before the big day. We're slammed with ads and other relentless, bombastic reminders cajoling us to show mom how much we love and value her by buying her jewelry, flowers, candy or a nice dinner in a favorite restaurant.

Does Madison Avenue know our mothers better than we do? Do they really know what she wants? Can you just buy love?

Obviously not. Mothers don't need or want "things" to feel appreciated. What they want is what they have given to us all along: unconditional love.

Here are ten ways to show the important women in your life what they mean to you not just once a year but everyday.

And I'll bet that your mom will say that these things are priceless and worth more to her than anything else. Happy Mother's Day!

  1. Say "I love you" often
  2. Make a surprise visit
  3. Make her laugh
  4. Cook her favorite food
  5. Watch a movie together
  6. Take a long walk
  7. Call her, for no special reason
  8. Send her a handwritten note
  9. Frame and give a photo of you and your mom
  10. Thank her for guiding you and helping you become who you are