Ten Things Foreigners Love About America

It's about time. America has been a target for almost every intellectual writer the last decades. They have followed the mainstream and willingly criticized America without inhibitions. Enough is enough - here is a positive and very honest article about America for a change.

Made in America Quality
Many want designed products with high quality. If the product is great and stand out - foreigners are buying them. Some popular brands that are selling abroad are KitchenAid, Tesla Cars, and Apple products. These are all more expensive products than their competitors, but since they are such great products they sell very well.

American pop culture
We don't admit it easily, cause it's intellectually a wrong thing to say it, but we love American pop-culture, and we consume a lot of it; from movies, to music and all kinds of art. There I said it.

The American dream:
America is, and always will be, the land of opportunity. Where dreams really comes true.
Lets face it, to doing something great like winning a singing competition or invent something useful or starting a clever business is not a guarantee for fame and fortune abroad. In fact most of them are forgotten the day after. People therefore love the idea of the American dream, and that if you make it in America you most likely make it big. An also really beautiful gesture, in foreigner's eyes, is the support of one and each other when someone is chasing and working hard to achieve their dreams. In America people want their friends and family to have success, many other places they don't care, some even try to prevent an acquaintance from achievement if they can.

The scenery
USA has got it all right from Mother Nature. Everything from stunning prairies, wild mountains and exiting lakes, it's so diverse and so different from state to state. I have only one advise to the American people: Go out and explore your beautiful country a lot more.

The bottom line is that America has invented almost everything there is to invent, and people all over the world can and are benefitting from your products. This world would be totally different without these innovations.

The idea of freedom
One of the main reasons for Europeans to escape to America was freedom - freedom to speak, religious freedom, financial freedom, freedom to choose your spouse and political freedom. The fact is that people in most countries in the world dreams of the same freedom that you find in America. The whole idea of a free America was to include everyone from all cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Charity and Aid
When someone needs help, Americans are there to help them. It doesn't matter if there is an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or even war. Americans are there to rescue you with their own lives on stake. While other countries are talking about helping others when a disaster is happening somewhere, Americans are already there to help. I don't think that Americans understand how much their aid is appreciated abroad, people all over the world loves Americans because of their helping hand. What makes people a bit sad is all the criticism America gets for the work they doing abroad. People find that underserved. There are of course sometimes things that can go wrong in war and disasters, but to sit passive and not helping others is never the answer! Americans knows that and people can't show enough gratitude to the brave ones who are saving lives almost in every part of the world.

Friendliness and politeness
People in the America offers the nicest and friendliest service to people who visits their country. When we are in America for shopping, to sleep over at a hotel or anywhere else in the service business, Americans are always there to treat us like kings and queens. People don't call another "Sir" or "Mam" anymore elsewhere in this world. America is the exception, and we love it every time they do

Let's admit it, we have learned almost everything there is about celebration from the US. Many outside of America celebrate American "Disney" Christmas, and Halloween is often more celebrated than their own national day. We have parades and we eat turkey, even Coca Cola is part of our celebration on the holidays. Some foreigners even celebrates 4th of July, like a wannabe American. I think reason is that we all feel American sometimes.

In many countries you find people that doesn't care about their own culture, history or traditions. In America you want find them. It doesn't matter how badly America is ruled. The American people will never give up on their country; they want changes for a better America and work hard to make these changes instead of sitting passive and doing nothing. It's not difficult to see peoples admirations for their country when I visit the US. They have a built-in-pride in their country, which is beautiful to witness.