Ten Things Most Writers Won't Admit

1. We're more likely to be cry-laughing than popping champagne as we hit that deadline.
We have to say goodbye to some of our very favorite people. It doesn't matter that we made them up. We love them just the same.

2. Plot holes happen to the best of us.
Realizing you have a plot hole a reader could drive a truck through is like finding out your birthday has been cancelled... forever.

3. We think people who don't read are really weird.
We try not to judge.

But when you say you don't read (like, EVER), we just can't imagine how you can live without books.

4. Writing never comes this easy. NEVER.
Okay, maybe once in a blue moon, and then the memory taunts us every time we sit down at the keyboard.

5. Sometimes we forget it's a story.
You know that feeling where you get all caught up in a book and forget about real life?
We get that, too. But worse.

6. It always feels awesome when someone says they like our book.
We try to be chill...

But inside, we're really more like this:

7. Mean reviews suck.
In the beginning, any bad review feels like a throat punch.

But after we've been at this gig a while, it doesn't really hurt anymore...until a reviewer attacks our characters. Then it's personal.

8. That scene that made you cry? Us, too.
We probably cried more than you did because we had to hurt our beloved characters.

Of course, if it was a villain, we felt pretty good about it.

9. We might spend longer picking a pen name than picking a name for our baby.
Because even though we're like this in real life:

Our alter ego has gotta be like this:

10. We really don't mind if someone thinks our books are trash.
Every now and then someone will write an article about how one type of book or another isn't real literature. (Romance writers hear this a lot.) You might think we're faking our smiles.

But we're not. Honest. We're not even plotting how to kill them off in a book.

Why? Because we write for our readers, and you're the only ones that matter. Cheers!