Ten Things We Love/Hate About Libraries

We've been blogging a lot about the future of libraries. Today's post draws inspiration from the cult film,
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We've been blogging a lot about the future of libraries. Today's post draws inspiration from the cult film, Ten Things I Hate About You. Why? The setting for this film is the iconic Stadium High School in Tacoma, a stone's throw from the University of Puget Sound. Jane walks past it every day and is reminded of the film in which Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles deal with their bittersweet romance.


Interesting word -- bittersweet. The term implies both good and bad; it implies a certain honesty. We wanted to share 10 honest things about libraries this week since our blog is entering a new phase. Barb is retiring and her Emerita status at the University of Cincinnati will provide her with new opportunities to look at libraries from a different lens. We are excited about that prospect.

Now seems the perfect time to reflect upon the 10 academic-library-things we love/hate the most. And just like the film, there is a bit of pain along with the pleasure!

  1. Every day we learn something new. How can you beat that?
  2. We never know what kind of student or question will walk in the door. Every day is an adventure in communication.
  3. Just like students, we sometimes wait until the last minute to finish our grant proposals, annual reports...so we understand how students panic the night before an assignment is due.
  4. We don't like the fact that some journal publishers are forcing us to purchase bundles, charging high prices and making huge profits.
  5. We really truly believe that just by being in a library you become smarter! It is osmosis.
  6. We like that libraries are becoming active learning centers, not just static rows of books.
  7. Obsessive shushers drive us crazy, especially if they are other librarians.
  8. We still get a rush when looking at a new book shelf.
  9. We believe that all information should be FREE! And we aim to set it free.
  10. We are advocates and information brokers, and believe that information/knowledge = empowerment.

And that is really what we are all about. Empowerment -- providing opportunities for students to explore ideas and discover new ways of thinking.

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