Ten-Year Old Reporter Seeking Obama Interview

Ten-Year Old Reporter Seeking Obama Interview

Hey, everybody! You all remember Damon Weaver? He's the ten-year old kid from Kathryn E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary in Florida who interviewed then-Senator Joe Biden during the campaign, heroically holding his microphone aloft as Biden yammered on and on, without stop, for a million hours. Anyway, Weaver charmed the internets with his poise and polish, and now, he's looking for bigger fish to fry -- namely, President-elect Barack Obama.

Weaver wants to snare Obama for an interview, and in a wonderful four minute spot, he lays out his case, discussing his school's news studio ("Where the magic happens!"), getting a testimonial from Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat*, and, more importantly, his reading teacher. Plus, he's not afraid to dig up the gotcha video of Obama's bowling failure! Weaver also points out how he comes from a part of Florida where sugar cane is grown, setting up some very probing, substantive questions on free trade and protectionism.


*It should be noted that Dwyane Wade's support for Weaver does not extend to letting Obama beat him in a game of one-on-one. It's all good, though -- Weaver still makes Wade an honorary homeboy. Besides, letting Obama win basketball games is Reggie Love's job.


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