Tenacious D's 'To Be The Best': Celebs Join Jack Black, Kyle Gass In First Music Video From 'Rize Of The Fenix'

It's official. After watching Tenacious D's new short film/music video "To Be The Best," even skeptics who were let down by "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" will agree that The D is back.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass are set to release "The Rize of the Fenix," the first album from Tenacious D in six years, on May 15. But until then, they made this short for audiences to catch up on KG and JB since the relative failure of "The Pick of Destiny." And it isn't pretty. While Jables' fame has only expanded since the movie came out, the only thing that has risen for Kage is his boiling anger towards Jack. And he wants blood.

Presented as a segment of the tabloid show "Extra" documenting the rise, fall and resurrection of the rock comedy duo, the video attracted a handful of celebrity cameos, including "Extra" host Maria Menounos, Tim Robbins, Josh Groban, Jimmy Kimmel and frequent D cohort Dave Grohl, who reportedly drums on their new album. But Val Kilmer steals the show as one of Jack's Hollywood friends, who gives the ultimate sacrifice in devotion of Tenacious D.

Based on this video as well as the snippet from their new album, the band seems to embrace the theme of moving on from "The Pick of Destiny." And it works. This video is certainly just as funny as anything they have ever done over their nearly 2-decade career.

The band will also be hitting the road (if they can get over the fact that it's a B-I-itch, my friend). They announced a 16-date U.S. tour to support the album, starting in June. More recently, pair played a show that was shut down by the fire marshal at South By Southwest's music festival in Austin. If that doesn't officially mark a comeback for Tenacious D, we don't know what could. Explosivo.