Tenerife Tourism Officials Tell Locals To Be 'Nicer' To Tourists

Tenerife Tourism Officials Tell Locals To Be 'Nicer' To Tourists

Tenerife is popular for its gorgeous weather, family-friendly atmosphere and accessibility from mainland Europe. Now, the island hopes to be known for its exceptionally "nice" locals.

The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has launched a campaign titled "Tenerife Buena Gente" (in English: Tenerife "good" -- or more idiomatically, "nice" -- people) with hopes of impressing tourists and turning them into repeat visitors, The Telegraph reports.

Tenerife, the largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, is a popular vacation spot for Brits -- and island tourism officials want to keep it that way. While it doesn't appear that the island has a problem with local-on-tourist hate, there's no harm in being as nice as possible.

The campaign includes tips for business owners, tourism industry employees and locals on how to be a "nicer" person and impress the island's estimated five million yearly visitors. ASHOTEL, the local hotel association, also has created courses for its staff and members.

"We want all visitors to perceive us, even more than they already do, [as] good people," the campaign website states.

The island also offers two World Heritage sites, a national park and 42 natural protected spaces, making it the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Of course, beautiful beaches don't hurt either.

Last year, both the Parisian and Chinese tourism boards released "etiquette guides." The Parisian guide instructed locals on how to combat their rude reputation by acting nicely toward tourists, while the Chinese guide attempted to instruct Chinese tourists how to act appropriately abroad.

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