University Of Tennessee Considering Gender Neutral Dorms

The University of Tennessee is considering implementing gender neutral dorms after the passage of a bill by the Student Government Association, WATE reports.

The gender neutral housing would allow men and women to live together, whether they be brother and sister, a member of the LGBT community, or simply close friends of opposite sex. Men and women would be allowed to live in the same suites or floors together, but not necessarily the same room, according to the Daily Beacon.

"Some schools define it as a male and female living in the same room, but we know that's probably not going to happen here," bill author and student government representative Jacob Clark said in November.

SGA President Adam Roddy said it will more than likely it will be in the wing or the floor of a certain building.

It's now up to the administration to approve the bill and set the final rules, and they expect to have a decision by the end of the week.

Many schools have begun implementing gender neutral housing in recent years -- now more than 100 public and private universities. All of the Ivy League schools now have the option, though the specifics vary on each campus.

Yet, in Red States like Oklahoma and North Carolina, it's been more of a struggle to get these types of polices adopted. So it won't necessarily be an easy walk for UT.



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