Some Guy Just Learned The Hard Way Why You Should Never Taunt A Goose

See this goose? Do NOT mess with this goose.

There was a literal wild goose chase in Tennessee earlier this week when a man trying to intimidate one of the birds got run off instead. 

Hank Russell filmed himself calling the bird out as it blocked his path. 

“You’re hissing at me. You think you’re all big and bad,” he said in the video. “I will put you in a deep fryer.” 

Russell told ViralHog he was just trying to pass the big bird.

“I was trying to go to the restroom and the lady said there was a vicious goose blocking the way,” he told ViralHog. “So I figured I would challenge him to get to the restroom.”

The challenge backfired.

“He pecked the back of my head with his beak and I lost the fight,” he said.

A humbled Russell seems to have learned his lesson. 

I should not have instigated it!” he wrote on Facebook. 

Geese can be very territorial, especially when their nest is nearby, as was the case in this incident. 

Also, don’t mess with geese. It generally doesn’t go well for the human, as this cop, this little girl, these students, employees at a Hewlett-Packard facility in Boise and this drone ― among many others ― can attest.


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