Silver Coins, Money, Jewelry Discovered In Hidden Tennessee Family Safe (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Family Finds Incredible Treasure In Secret Safe

Last week, a Tennessee family embarked on a treasure hunt straight out of the movies -- and their amazing discoveries were posted to Reddit last night.

Just over a week ago, Reddit user evilenglish posted that he'd discovered a 'secret safe' in his grandparents' old farmhouse in Tennessee. The poster was helping his family clear out the house to prepare it for sale when he noticed a block of concrete on the floor of a closet below the staircase.

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tennessee safe unlocked

"This was very out of place since all of the downstairs flooring is hardwood," he wrote in his first post. "I pushed the carpet back further and saw a round cap with a circle indentation on it. I pulled off the cap and... A Secret Safe!"

Unable to open it, he decided to contact a locksmith as soon as his schedule would allow and post his findings, whatever they might be, for the thousands of Reddit users who had since begun following the story.

The poster also shared that both his grandparents were collectors. "My Grandfather was an avid sportsman and enjoyed collecting various firearms. My Grandmother was a collector of coins and other antiques and curiosities," he wrote. He stated that he had previously found remnants of his grandfather's pistol collection in another hidden safe last year.

When a locksmith was finally brought in to complete the gnarly task of cracking this corroded old safebox, the family discovered a veritable treasure trove.

tennessee safe unlocked

Among the findings were pocket watches, soggy money, boxes of jewelry, and dozens and dozens of collectible coins. "I knew my Grandmother collected coins, but I thought we had found all of them!" evilenglish captioned one of the photos.

tennessee safe unlocked

A pipe leak from a few years ago caused a good deal of moisture to seep into the safe, but evilenglish wrote that many of the items were protected by casings from damage. He has since enlisted the help of other Redditors in salvaging the silver coins and preserving their undoubtedly hefty value.

"Funny that as a boy, in that very house, my Grandma read me Treasure Island," evilenglish wrote. "And I always dreamed of finding something like this!"

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