Tennis Pro Loses Match For Calling Himself A 'Stupid Person'

That's a tough way to bow out.

Brydan Klein may want to rethink calling anyone “stupid” during a tennis match, including himself.

After hitting a service return into the net Thursday in a lower-level pro tennis tournament in Nottingham, England, Klein grumbled to himself that he was a “stupid, stupid person.”

An official, Mo Lahyani, then assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Klein and called the match, ruling it a 6-3, 6-4 victory for Sam Groth, according to Mens Tennis Forum.

As the video above shows, Klein pleaded his case that he was yelling at himself, but the official didn’t budge.

However, a bit of context is necessary. Klein had previously gotten into a beef with a lineswoman over a call and was assessed a penalty, Deadspin reported. So perhaps Lahyani assumed the “stupid” was directed at either him or another official.

In any case, it seems Klein was on the brink of defeat, but that’s probably not making him feel any better.

To add insult to injury, Klein also lost in doubles, according to the tournament website. Meanwhile, Groth won his next singles match.