'Wakanda Forever' Actor Tenoch Huerta Heroically Addresses Penis Bulge Controversy

Huerta, who plays the villain Namor, had "Black Panther" fans piping up about his package.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” actor Tenoch Huerta got real about his superheroic pants bulge.

Huerta, who plays the villain Namor, became the subject of internet wonderment after a user tweeted side-by-side photos of Huerta’s substantial penis bulge for the “Black Panther” sequel and his more subdued package from what may be the, ahem, final cut.

“I’m not going to lie to people.” the actor told Rolling Stone last week. “Every man in the world, we have fragile masculinity, but not in that issue. I will say, the right one, the real one is the photo on the right.”

That still left a few unanswered questions, like if filmmakers actually enhanced the protrusion under his green briefs for a preview, why? And then why remove it?

Disney didn’t immediately answer HuffPost’s inquiry.

But the film’s bulging $676 million-plus worldwide gross has a way of shrinking the importance of any potential digital manipulation.

As of now, the trailer from which the earlier image may have been taken still shows Huerta with a crotch protrusion — but perhaps less mighty?

Fast-forward to 1:34 to see for yourself.

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