'Tere Bin Laden,' Indian Film With Osama Lookalike, Banned In Pakistan

A new Bollywood caper featuring a lookalike of Osama bin Laden has been banned from a Pakistani cinematic release due to security concerns.

Titled "Tere Bin Laden" (or "Without You Laden"), the film is billed as a slapstick comedy, starring Pakistani pop singer Ali Zafar in the role of a television journalist who films a video with an actor who resembles the al Qaeda leader in an effort to gain residency in the United States.

Distributors said Pakistani censors had not found anything objectionable in the film's content, but feared the title could be misconstrued by Islamist extremists as a pretext for attack.

The movie remains scheduled for release Friday in Malaysia, India and other countries including Britain.

See the "Tere Bin Laden" trailer here: