Teresa Giudice: Melissa Gorga Tension Has Not Gotten Better With Time (VIDEO)

It was a double-shot of Teresa Giudice on Bravo Sunday night. Not only did she feature heavily in the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," but she was also a guest on "Watch What Happens: Live" later in the night. And the tension that rose up during "RHONJ" is apparently still very much an issue between Teresa and Melissa Gorga, according to Teresa on "WWHL."

Teresa's night started with a return to therapy with her brother Joe and sister-in-law Melissa. Dr. V proved a no-nonsense therapist, giving Teresa some hard truths. At issue was Teresa stepping back and doing nothing while her friends were spreading rumors about Melissa.

“You want to be in conflict! This is what you want," Dr. V told her. "You should know, when you’re sitting with people and you hear something about somebody, and you don’t do anything, you’re a dumbass. Take responsibility.” HuffPost TV's Sydney Levin found Dr. V's approach interesting. Even more interesting was the fact that she left after one session, but as Levin put it, " If Dr. V actually fixed things, there would be no show next week."

Dr. V's shocking use of the word "dumbass" seemed to be the wake-up call Teresa needed. She apologized for hurting her brother and sister-in-law, and even gave Melissa an awkwardly forced hug. According to Giudice on "WWHL," that tension between the two women is still there, though.

Apparently, Melissa has been pretty rough on Teresa in the online blogs the women write after each episode. According to Teresa, Melissa's response to why she's being so harsh is to say, "Oh please, get over it. I’m watching the episode and I’m just blogging how I felt at that time."

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