Teresa Hernandez Alledgedly Burns Boyfriend's Son With Iron, Pushes Him Down Stairs

A Washington woman was arrested Wednesday after allegedly abusing her boyfriend's 3-year-old son.

Woodland authorities said Teresa Hernandez, 33, used a scalding hot iron to burn the back of the toddler's hand. She later pushed him down a flight of stairs, causing head trauma, Seattle Times reported.

The child's father brought the boy to the hospital after noticing the he was walking unsteadily. Hernandez initially said the boy had grabbed the hot iron and had fallen two days later while playing outside.

When hospital staff called police to investigate the incident, Hernandez admitted to the crime, according to court documents obtained by KPTV.

Hernandez allegedly held the back of the boy's hand under the iron for approximately five seconds. As the child screamed in pain, Hernandez pressing down harder as steam came out of the device, according to authorities.

Two days later, Hernandez allegedly pushed the boy down a flight of stairs. The boy went tumbling down 12 steps before hitting his head on a tile floor.

On Thursday morning, the child was listed in fair condition. Hernandez told investigators that she had no intention of ever bringing him to the hospital.

Hernandez and her boyfriend have four children and stepchildren between the two of them. The children range in age between 1- and 7-years-old, according to KATU. Those children are now in protective custody as police continue to investigate.



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