No, Britain's New Prime Minister Is Not A Porn Star

It's Theresa with an "h" who's taking power.

Yes, they have similar names. 

But to clarify, it’s British lawmaker Theresa May and NOT adult actress and model Teresa May who will become the United Kingdom’s new prime minister on Wednesday.

Some people on Twitter got the duo mixed up, making the #TeresaMay hashtag trend as they mistakenly congratulated the erotic model on her namesake’s appointment.

I find it quite amusing how many people think I’m #TheresaMay the Prime Minister,” the porn star posted to Twitter on Monday afternoon. “Just shows how ignorant some people are.”

She also changed her Twitter bio to read, “I am a UK Glamour model, not the Prime Minister” and revealed she’d experienced an upsurge in the number of her followers.

The model was born in the mid 1960s as Teresa Betteridge and has appeared in such films as “Nude & Naughty,” “Petticoat Passions Vol. 1” and “Lesbian Student Nurses,” according to the Daily Star.

Her 59-year-old political namesake is around a decade older. She served as Home Secretary for six years, before Conservative Party members selected her as their leader, earning her the prime ministership.