Canadian Store Owner Finds Burglary Suspect On Facebook... And Friends Him

"I only wish I could have seen his face."

A Canadian store owner turned into a digital sleuth, using social media to track down a thief and guilt him into turning himself in. 

All the shopkeeper had to do was make friends with the suspect.

Last week, Stefan Tergesen, owner of H.P. Tergesen General Store in Gimli, Manitoba, posted surveillance footage of the burgalry at his shop onto Facebook. Within 24 hours, six people had identified the suspect, the CBC reported.

That's when Tergesen sent the accused thief a Facebook friend request.

"He saw the friend request from me, which must have been a bit startling," Tergesen told the network. "I only wish I could have seen his face. I guess he realized, you know, he was done for at that point and he better start backpedalling quickly." 

Tergesen said the suspect accepted the request and sent a message saying he would turn himself in.

"I was intoxicated and not in my right mindset," wrote the suspect, who has not been publicly identified, according to CTV. 

"My customers are great and they take ownership of the store," Tergesen told Buzzfeed. "They felt just as violated as I was when this happened."

Tergesen's shop is a designated historic site, and has been in operation since 1899



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