Teri Hatcher Cooks Christmas Feast (PHOTOS)

Teri Hatcher prepared an elaborate Christmas dinner for her family and every step of the way she posed for photos then shared them on Facebook.

In the 'Merry Christmas Meal' pics, Teri makes risotto, chicken, mash, apple pie, green beans and apple pie, points at her butt-shaping sneakers and takes out the trash. She has several hair and wardrobe changes and shares cooking tips such as:

Two chickens at a time. Hatcher trick. Dry your chicken so well. Then put in super hot oven. 500 for 15 minutes, then 450 for 15 minutes then 425 for the remaining 15 minutes a pound. Dont bother with anything other than salt and pepper. its simple and delicious


A few months ago Teri posted some makeup-free photos of herself on Facebook but it doesn't look like she skipped the makeup this time despite the glasses and messy hair.