Terme Di Saturnia Is Bound To Be Your New Happy Place

And it's free to visit! 🙌
Frank Bienewald via Getty Images

Way out in the Tuscan fields lies a magical little swimming spot that confirms Italy is pretty much a fairytale come true.

Terme di Saturnia is considered one of Europe’s most idyllic hot springs. The tiered pools sit atop a volcanic crater and perpetually gurgle with steaming sulphur water that’s nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Welcome to the soothing, all-natural spa experience of your wildest dreams.

Frank Bienewald via Getty Images
Frank Bienewald via Getty Images

The springs are located just outside the town of Saturnia, about a two-hour drive from Siena. According to legend, the Roman god Saturn sent a lightning bolt here to split the earth and spew calming water on some arguing villagers. He’d be pleased to learn that the pools still provide zen for travelers who hail the skin-soothing benefits of the mineral waters.

The springs are completely free to visit. If you have cash to spare, the surrounding resort offers fancy spa treatments, overnight stays and meals in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Visitors say the springs gets pretty crowded no matter when you visit. Aiming for the low season in winter will give you at least a shot at solitude. (Yes, the pools are open year-round.) The adjacent town of Saturnia has some cute, affordable hotels and ruins of an ancient spa and fortress to explore, too.


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