Terrence Higgins Trust's #TogetherSummer Video Stresses The Personal Side Of HIV Prevention

The Terrence Higgins Trust, a British charity and advocacy group for those living with HIV/AIDS, kicked off its latest campaign with a stunning video at London's Pride festivities over the weekend.

Dubbed #TogetherSummer, the feel-good clip showcases a variety of couples, including two gay men, enjoying the outdoors before stressing the importance of safe sex.

"Anyone in this video could be affected by HIV and pass it on to someone they care about without knowing," a disclaimer reads at the end of the clip, which was produced by Shape History and is part of the Trust's national "It Starts With Me" campaign. "Get tested. Stay protected."

Cary James, Head of Programs at Terrence Higgins Trust, said in a press release that the clip was meant to highlight how "the fight against HIV will not only be won by large organizations or governments, but by the actions of individuals in the most personal and intimate moments of their lives."

"At this time of the year when the LGBT community comes together to celebrate Pride, we hope this video will inspire all of us to play a part in stopping HIV by regular testing and protecting each other by using condoms," James added.



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