Terrence Malick Dancing Video Hits The Internet, Obviously

Terrence Malick may be one of Hollywood's most notorious recluses, but he also likes to dance. That's the takeaway, at least, from a new video showing Malick dancing at dive bar in Austin, Texas.

Vulture posted the clip (found via Reddit), which was apparently shot at the Broken Spoke bar in Austin. Malick has been filming his latest top-secret, star-studded project(s) in the Texas city. The two films -- "Knights of Cups" and an untitled feature -- star, among others, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, Joel Kinnaman, Cate Blanchett, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Gosling, Benicio Del Toro and many, many more. The plots for each are obviously under wraps (Malick and all), but it's believed "Knights of Cups" is about the movie business, while the untitled film is about the music industry.

This isn't the first time Malick has been spotted in the wild this year. In June, the director was randomly videotaped by TMZ-paid paparazzi, though the website wasn't aware it had marked Malick until numerous other outlets picked up the rare sighting.

Malick has been nominated for three Academy Awards in his career, though he's rarely attends any Hollywood events. His next film is "To The Wonder," another experimental love story that received mixed reviews upon its debut earlier this year.

Watch the video above.

[via Vulture]


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