Terrific News: Alec Ross to Advise Clinton/State Department on Tech & Innovation

Hey, I've worked with Alec, he'll really help the US work more effectively with the world. This is for-real.

Check out "Diplomatic Efforts Get Tech Support" in today's Washington Post:

Alec Ross arrives today at the State Department, armed with a new setof diplomatic tools including Facebook, text messaging and YouTube.

Ross is a senior adviser on innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton -- a role created for the 37-year-old nonprofit leader, who quickly rose within the Obama campaign, helping to craft tech policy under top technology adviser Julius Genachowski.

His new job will blend technology with diplomacy in an attempt to help solve some of the globe's most vexing problems on health care, poverty, human rights and ethnic conflicts. And it is emblematic of the expansive approach the administration has taken to the role of
technology in advancing its domestic and global agendas.

The bottom line, which is my personal experience:

friends and colleagues who worked on the Obama campaign and transition say Ross has what it takes to pull it off: business savvy and the ability to bring large, disparate groups together.