Friends Don’t Let Friends Karaoke And Drive

California Highway Patrol hopes to bring #CarKaraoke to a crashing halt.

Sure, it's fun to drive around screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs, but the California Highway Patrol warns once you start videoing yourself and stop paying attention, your next number might be Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young."

The patrol wants the public to know about the dangers of car karaoke, an increasingly popular trend. People are posting their video performances on social media with the hashtag #CarKaraoke, "Inside Edition" reports.

"There's nothing illegal about singing in your car. Where it becomes illegal is when you become distracted, and you're taking your eyes off the road because you're too into the music," Officer Juan Galvan told "Inside Edition."

There are thousands of car karaoke videos on YouTube and other social media sites, but the activity has been thrust into the spotlight as "The Late Late Show" host James Corden turned the car karaoke theme into a recurring bit on his show.

In the segment, Corden drives around with celebrities, such as Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber and sings alongside them, often taking his hands off the wheel and dancing in his seat. 

CBS has warned Corden about the dangers of his behavior, Metro U.K. reports

"While the notion itself isn’t breaking any laws, Corden has been observed on more than one occasion removing both hands from the wheel during fits of over-exuberance, and using his mobile while moving – a felony in California."

Several YouTube videos show how unsafe car karaoke can truly be.

In one video, two young girls sing before the car stops suddenly as the driver gets into a wreck.

A screen flash in the video shows one was hurt in the crash.

A video that went viral last year shows two women singing in their car, looking into the camera moments before an airbag explodes.

Those women sustained injuries but in the days after the incident, Daily Mail reported that they were "recovering well."

Another video shows a group of people singing in a car with the driver shaking her head and taking her hands off the wheel only moments before the car unexpectedly starts shaking out of control.

"It was probably a bad idea to begin with, and I wouldn't do it again," Marco Ferro, who was in the car during that incident, told Inside Edition.