Terror Alert App Lets People In France Know If They're At Risk

The country wants to keep people informed after a spate of terror attacks last year.

The French government is taking added precautions as large crowds prepare to gather for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament in Paris beginning on Friday.

The French Ministry of Interior on Wednesday launched an app called SAIP that alerts users to a suspected attack or unusual incident. It is available in English and French, and can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

SAIP, which stands for "alert and information for population system," uses location services to determine if someone is in a danger zone. An alert will appear if a particular area is at risk, and people can click on a "learn more" button to receive specific guidance.

The ministry was prompted to create the app after several attacks in Paris and the surrounding areas, including at a soccer match, in January and November 2015.

The app alerts users to scenarios like a shooting or bombing, but also includes other information. It warns against picking up children from school, for example, in the event of a nuclear alert or a dam failure.

Tensions are high in France leading up to the sporting event. Ukrainian security services arrested a Frenchman and an accomplice on Monday who they believe were planning attacks before and during the tournament.

Going forward, the government hopes the app will extend beyond the tournament. "In the months to come, the app will be updated daily and will display all natural or technological risks. It will also deliver any necessary vigilance messages to users," the ministry said.



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