Terrorism and a Tender Heart

This is a subject far from my normal genre of writing, but sadly it's one I feel needs to be addressed.

Unless you have literally been living under a rock you will have heard about the terrorist attacks that happened recently in Paris. I'm not even going to try and write about 'getting my head around' what happened or expressing my deep condolences for the victims and their families and friends. My words won't do them or my feelings justice.

I try so, so hard to be a good person. To show love and respect to everyone. To help those that I can. To teach others how to be compassionate, sharing, kind and loving. To teach people from all over the globe how to find happiness and keep themselves eternally happy, I even teach people how to leave behind their anxiety, worries and stresses... but you know what? When something as horrific as this happens, even I struggle to remember the exact rules I teach to others.

For the past few days my body has been wretched with anxiety and panic, worry about my children and family, pain for those who lost their lives and an underlying feeling of fear.

Today I realized, however, that I wouldn't be a very good teacher or coach if I wasn't still continuing to learn myself. So I'm getting my act together and, like so many others, I'm being defiant in the face of fear!

Having such a tender heart and being a caring Earth Angel means that being defiant will take up pretty much all of my energy and thought power but it will be worth it! I must continue to be the happy soul that I am so that I can spread happiness, and maybe, just maybe, if I manage to spread enough we will be able to put this world right again and all live our lives as we should... happily!

#SpreadHappinessNotHate #SpreadHappinessNotWar #LiveHappily #BeDefiant #HappinessOverFear