Terry Bradshaw Criticized For 'Fat-Shaming' Chiefs' Winning Coach Andy Reid At Super Bowl

The Fox Super Bowl host's "disgraceful" references to Reid's size led a major publication to call for his dismissal.

Fox football host Terry Bradshaw overdid the weight jabs at Chiefs Coach Andy Reid after his team won the Super Bowl on Sunday, according to observers. (Watch the video below.)

As the Chiefs celebrated their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles for their second championship in the 2020s, Bradshaw summoned Reid for an interview thusly: “Big guy, lemme get the big guy in here. C’mon, waddle over here.”

The ex-quarterback later urged Reid to “have a cheeseburger on us,” perhaps referencing Reid’s declaration that he would eat a cheeseburger after K.C.’s previous Super Bowl win.

Viewers said Bradshaw’s hurtful joshing, at a time of perhaps Reid’s greatest professional achievement, was “disgraceful” and “fat-shaming.”

USA Today’s For the Win actually called on Fox Sports to realize “it’s time to stop giving Terry Bradshaw a role in NFL coverage. It’s getting beyond uncomfortable to watch at this point.”

Bradshaw, who was criticized for a clunky interview after the NFC championship, took plenty of heat on a bigger sports stage.

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