Terry Crews Says The Man He Accused Of Assault ‘Got A Pass’

Adam Venit, who Crews says groped him at a party in 2016, is back at work after a one-month suspension.

Terry Crews has spoken out about his alleged groper returning to work after a short suspension.

Adam Venit, an agent at Williams Morris Endeavor — and the man Crews says sexually assaulted him at a party in 2016 — is back at work after a month-long unpaid suspension, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The veteran agent, who represents Adam Sandler, Steve Martin, Sylvester Stallone and Vince Vaughn, was also demoted from the head of WME’s motion picture group.

An internal investigation reportedly found that no one else had accused Venit of misconduct.

Crews responded to the news with a tweet saying “someone got a pass.”

Amid the allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, Crews recounted his story on “Good Morning America” earlier this month.    

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor said he was with his wife at a party when he saw Venit, who Crews said he had never met before, making crude gestures with his tongue.

“I’m looking and I’m like, is this a joke?” Crews said. “And he comes over to me, I stick my hand out and he literally takes his hand and puts it and squeezes my genitals. And I jump back like, ‘Hey, hey,’ and he’s still sticking his tongue out and I’m like, ‘Dude what are you doing? What are you doing?’ And then he comes back again!”

Crews, a former NFL player, said he eventually pushed Venit off of him, but that it took tremendous restraint not to hit him any harder. He also said the incident left him feeling emasculated and objectified.

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