Terry Crews Reveals The Text He Sent To Agent After He Was Groped

Crews has claimed the man got a pass, even though he'd reported the incident.

Terry Crews refuses to let the man accused of assaulting him get a pass.

The “Brooklyn-Nine-Nine” actor tweeted a screenshot Thursday of the text message he sent his agent in 2016 in which he said that high-powered agent Adam Venit had groped him. 

″The actual text to my agent Brad Slater at @WME 28 hours after my February 4th 2016 assault by the agency’s Adam Venit,” Crews tweeted.

Venit, an agent at William Morris Endeavor, is accused of grabbing the actor’s crotch at a party in front of Crews’ wife and then sticking out his tongue. Crews, who has been outspoken about the incident since the Harvey Weinstein allegations went public, tweeted the exchange to prevent Venit from “getting a pass.”

The actor’s message to Slater accuses Venit by name of groping him and being “doped up.” 

Crews seems to have tweeted the screenshot as evidence that Venit’s behavior did not go unreported. The actor also noted that comedian Adam Sandler was there as a witness along with Crews’ wife. 

“Yet WME’s Co-Chairman @AriEmanuel says he didn’t know anything about anyone until my tweets 18 MONTHS LATER,” Crews wrote. 

Venit was suspended for one month after Crews publicly accused the agent of assault. 

Crews said that that Venit “got a pass” for his actions now that he is back at work.