Terry Crews Sings "A Thousand Miles" From His Famous "White Chicks" Scene

Terry Crews Sings "A Thousand Miles" From His Famous "White Chicks" Scene
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One Norwegian fan asked. Terry Crews answered. Live show magic happened.

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star also took questions from fans about his new workplace comedy...and he even did the robot!

"We did talk to some police officers," he said of prepping for the show. "If you heard the things they would say in really intense situations...You would be like, 'Oh my god. I can't believe it.' Because they're joking over dead bodies, playing jokes on each other after someone's been robbed!"

But he stresses, "It's a workplace comedy. It's not really a cop show. It just so happens to be that we're in a Brooklyn precinct."

He's also incredibly happy to be tapping into his funny bone. "I could've ended up in action films forever. But the comedy thing has been my forte."

Acting has allowed Crews to balance his different passions. He reveals about his youth: "I was hanging with the athletic crowd because I like to play sports, but I was also an artist. Painting, drawing, left-handed, right brain." He adds, "It just so happens that this career that I picked is the perfect career for my life."

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