Terry Hardin Grants Wish For 5-Year-Old Whose Santa Letter Never Made It To The North Pole

This girl's letter didn't make it to Santa Claus, but one stranger decided to be Santa's Little Helper and make her wish come true.

Last week, 23 students in a kindergarten class at St. Rose of Lima School in Chula Vista, Ca., sent Santa Claus wish lists attached to green and red balloons, according to FOX5.

A few days later, Terry Hardin saw a red balloon float toward him in downtown San Diego as he was leaving work.

The note belonged to 5-year-old Joie. It read:

"Dear Santa, I would like to have a mermaid doll with a bow for Christmas. Thank you. Love, Joie."

Hardin took this as a sign from his late mother, whose name was also Joie. They hadn't been speaking when she passed, and so he believed that the note came "from heaven to make things right," Hardin told NBC7. "It put a chill up my spine."

He felt the need to get in touch with the young girl to grant her request, so his wife, Angel, sent emails out to local news organizations asking them for help.

A listener of the Mike Slater Show got the two strangers in touch with each other. On December 19, Hardin took a trip to Joie's kindergarten class to give her the mermaid doll.



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