Terry Jones Drowned Out In Times Square By New York City Crowd Singing 'All You Need Is Love' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Anti-Muslim Zealot Trumped By Love

New Yorkers are famously terse, not known for patience or excessive diplomacy -- and certainly not for loud public displays of love.

So when anti-Islam, Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones showed up in Times Square last year, spewing anger and sporting a T-shirt that read, "Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Islam I Learned On 9/11," the results were certain to be dicey.

But a surprisingly touching video of that event, posted Monday by the New York Times just in time for the holiday season, shows humanity outweighs Jones' rage.

The video, filmed on Sept. 10, 2011, but only recently published, begins predictably: Jones standing in the square, advocating intolerance and hate. Several passersby attempt to argue with him to no avail. Soon a man begins reading out loud, then singing, "All You Need Is Love," the iconic classic by The Beatles.

Then, beautifully, a crowd joins in singing, drowning out Jones, and -- for the time being, at least -- love trumps hate.

WATCH the video, above [via the New York Times]

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