Pastor Terry Jones Plans To Hold Trial Of Islam Prophet Mohammed

Not content with burning the Islamic holy book the Quran, Florida pastor Terry Jones plans to hold a trial of the Prophet Mohammed for "crimes against humanity."

The desecration of the Quran last weekend sparked huge protests in Afghanistan that left dozens dead, including two UN workers who were beheaded.

Jones insists his message is not intended to cause any violence or gain exposure for his small Gainesville church: "We are actually not doing it because we desire to be killed, we are not doing it because we desire publicity. We really believe our message is that important, that the radical element of Islam is a danger to our society."

The local Muslim community in Orlando is both outraged by his actions and fearful of possible repercussions:

[Imam Tariq Rasheed, director of the Islamic Center of Orlando,] said there was as much despair in the Muslim community for the loss of life in Afghanistan as there was outrage at Jones' provocation, which was largely ignored by the mainstream media. Jones, however, was able to circumvent efforts to dismiss his actions by filming the event and posting a YouTube video that traveled around the world.

Jones' actions have been condemned by President Obama and Afghan President Karzai, along with groups across the political spectrum. He arrived in Santa Ana, California today to appear on Truth TV, an Arabic language Christian network.