Terry O'Neill's Jesus Tattoo Imprints Onto T-shirt

Jesus left his mark on Terry O'Neill in more ways than one -- and on more places too.

O’Neill, a 43-year-old father of two, recently spent roughly $1,462 to have the image of the Almighty tattooed onto his back at Psycho Monkey, a British tattoo parlor in Adlington.

After the inking, which took nearly 14 hours, staff members gave him a t-shirt to wear until he got home so the giant Jesus tat wouldn't stain his clothes.

But when he took off the t-shirt, he was surprised to discover it now had an imprint of Jesus' face.

“It was amazing. It’s a shroud," O'Neill told "They are going to frame it and put it up in the shop.”

Psycho Monkey shop manager Alan Calderbank dubbed the ink-stained shirt "the Adlington Shroud," a nod to the town and to the Shroud of Turin, the famous fabric that some believe has the image of Christ embedded in it, the Daily Mail reported.

Getting the tattoo was sort of a cross to bear for O'Neill, who refused pain-relieving gel in honor of Jesus.

“I thought that would be cheating a bit with me being a Christian. Jesus went through a lot more," he told the Sun. “I’m a born-again Christian. I don’t think I was a nice person before I became a Christian. I’ve had a lot of lucky escapes and have been in some bad situations.”

The "Adlington Shroud" is no miracle according to experienced tattoo artists.

San Diego-based tattoo expert Christopher Henry told The Huffington Post it's common for fresh ink to leave stains. That's why the artists insisted O'Neill wear the shirt.

"This would have happened whether he had a tattoo of Jesus, the devil or a band logo."

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