Terry Richardson's 'Predatory Behavior' Known In Fashion Industry

Terry Richardson's 'Predatory Behavior' Known In Fashion Industry

After supermodel Rie Rasmussen called Terry Richardson "completely degrading to women," and Jamie Peck said he "waggled" his privates in front of her, Jenna Sauers of Jezebel has collected even more stories of the fashion photographer's questionable actions. One of the most shocking anecdotes came from fine art model Sarah Hilker, who encountered Richardson at a party for the Suicide Girls website when she was 17 years old:

In one corner there was a literal pile of SG bras and panties and the other was a small table with model release forms. Some stranger immediately grabbed me and whisked me over to the panties pile meanwhile, another person came over to me and shoved a model release form in my face. They had no interest in seeing my I.D. or even asking me any questions. I was being pushed towards the front of the line to go shoot with their panties and a blank model release form in my hands. I hadn't even had time time get undressed to put them on.
I saw him shooting some obviously inebriated chick straddling a full naked erect guy with her SG panties pulled over to the side one hand on the camera; the other hand grabbing his cock over his pants. I'm like HOLY SHIT! I immediately backed away, ran through a bunch of drunk women, confused business people, and out the door like I had just had the worst nightmare imaginable.

But perhaps most horrifying is a fashion insider who told Sauers that agencies "know full well Richardson's predatory behavior," but that he "is tolerated because the industry folk are just sheep."

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