Behind Terry's Tragic 'True Blood' Turn; Actor Todd Lowe Speaks

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 6, Episode 6 of HBO's "True Blood," "Don't You Feel Me?"

Death is no stranger to Bon Temps, the town on HBO's "True Blood," but on Sunday, one of the residents and employees of Merlotte's, Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe), met his maker.

Terry hired a hitman on himself after he continued to struggle with killing his former buddy Patrick (Scott Foley). Holly (Lauren Bowles) and Arlene (Carrie Preston) conspired to glamor Terry to make him forget that he wanted to die, but they didn't know they had to glamor the sniper, too and unfortunately, they didn't find out fast enough.

Lowe said he's still struggling to say goodbye to Terry and "True Blood." "I really grew to love the character and it's hard to say goodbye to something like that," he told TV Guide. "I carry a part of it with me. I'm also looking forward to moving on and playing something else. I just have to be picky and find the right project."

Lowe said he hoped the happiness scenes came off as bittersweet. "That was the intention. When we read it at the table read, everybody got chills and emotional," he told TV Guide.

When Lowe learned his character was going to die, he had an idea about how he wanted it to go down. "[Showrunner] Brian Buckner took me out for a drink and said, 'Look, listen, this is how we're going to do it. It has nothing to do with your performance or anything. We just feel like there's a lot of people on this show, and no one ever really truly dies, and we feel that with killing Terry, he has a lot of sympathy, so I think we can get a lot of dramatic and emotional mileage out of it,'" Lowe told The Hollywood Reporter. "I said, 'OK, write me an aria if you can -- a big scene.' And he did. It's a nice way to go out, very poignant."

With Terry gone, that leaves Arlene alone. Lowe told TV Guide that the character made sure Arlene was taken care of financially. "She met the guy [who kills Terry] in the last episode, but she didn't know the nature of it," he said. "She will seek vengeance. She's going to try to figure it out. We leave it as a little bit of a mystery as to why she can't seek vengeance. I think that will be justified."

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